The convenience of going keyless and no longer having keys to lose, hide, carry or forget.


    If you have young kids, if you’re having guests or even a house keeper, it makes no sense to re-key your locks every few months over a lost key of employee turnover. With the Schlage® keypad locks you can set up single code for each family member, friends, housekeeper or even emergency code for your neighbor when you’re out of town, and disable or change those codes as needed.


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    When it comes to residential locks – Schlage is an authority in home security. With many different lock types, finishes, and most of all – durability, it is our recommended brand to our customers.

    Schalge keypad locks has many features, including wireless (operates from tablet or smart phone) and it designed to meet the highest security standards.


    If you’re having problems using a mechanical key due to a medical condition, we carry a unique line of locks that operates with a RFID card.No swiping requires, just wave your card in front of the lock and get inside the house. This card is an addition to the standard keypad feature that is already built-in in the lock.


    Barry is THE MAN! Incredibly fast turnaround time, took 1.5 hours from start to finish (and that’s from when I made the phone call). 25% cheaper than Lexus and at least 10-15% cheaper than other locksmiths I called. I will be referring The Lock Guyz to everyone I know. Thanks, fellas!

    Brent PittsPhoenix, AZ

    Mr. Ollie is a fantastic person to work with. I had an issue with my Lexus ECU and could not find anyone that could solve my problem locally. I met him after hours at his house and he solved my problem within 15 minutes. I will sing his praises to everyone far and wide, if you need a locksmith give this guy a call!!! I am 100% satisfied with responsiveness, communication, ease of doing business and professionalism.

    Adam WhiteheadPhoenix, AZ

    My husband and I contacted Barry to simply help us cut an extra key for one of our Lexus’. We got much more than we had asked for from Barry. Not only did he come to our home because it was near another job he had in the area, he identified the source of a problem that multiple Lexus mechanics couldn’t help us with. Finally, Barry’s kind personality is so refreshing. He extends additional recommendations and expertise with a huge smile on his face. We would both highly recommend Barry for any locksmith needs.

    Mica D.Denver, CO

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