Lost Lexus Key? Contact a local Lexus locksmith service

Lexus Locksmith Services

We make replacement car key for all Lexus years & models. Our services includes new car key made, ECU re-flash, Mechanical key, Valet key, Smart key and remote programming services.

We offer on-site service with upfront pricing and no hidden fees. For service please contact us or call (855) CAR-KEYS.

Lexus Services

Flat Rate Lockout Service $60
Program Smart Key $60
Program Car Key $45
ECU Re-Flash $99
Lexus key code $75
Lexus/Toyota ECU Re-flash (Denso)

Lexus/ Toyota ECU Re-Flash

Save up to $1000 on dealer costs when using our Lexus locksmith service. We can help you re-flash your Lexus ECU if you need to make new Master key.

Broken Lexus key repair

Fix Lexus Key

Let us fix your broken Lexus key! If you’re key shell is cracked/ broken and you need a new key, let us simply fix your key and save money.

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Lexus Smart Key

Lost your Lexus Smart Key? See below our local auto locksmith Available Services for Lexus car owners:

  • Reset Immobilizer (Erase all keys)
  • Add a key
  • Program new smart key
  • Cut emergency key (by code)
  • Replace battery
  • Lost key replacement 
  • On-site service
Lost your Lexus smart key? Let us help!
Lexus Master key

Lost Lexus Key

When it comes to Lexus car keys - we offer a wide range of services to assist you getting the best value out of your money. 

  • Program a new Master key
  • ECU Reflashing service
  • Copy Lexus key
  • Fix broken Lexus key
  • Fix broken Lexus Key Shell
  • Make a new key
  • Lost Lexus key replacement 
  • Program G chip key
  • Program H chip key
  • Program Lexus remote