Rekey Locks Locksmith

Rekey Locks After Closing

Rekey locks after closing? Yes, Indeed! But first, welcome home. Welcome to YOUR place. You can design it, decorate it, work on your yard and most important, you can feel safe in your new place. Oh, wait.. Can you really?
Rekey Locks Locksmith

Rekey Locks Without Key

Can a locksmith rekey a lock without an existing key? In most cases the locksmith can rekey your lock even if you do not have a working key at the moment.  Rekey Locks Without Original Key There is more than one way to unlock a lock cylinder.…
Rekey Locks Locksmith

Cost to rekey locks locksmith

How much does it REALLY cost to rekey you home/business & What are the main reasons to rekey or change your locks? Professional locksmith makes the difference. Read all about the "cost to rekey locks locksmith"
Business Locks Rekey? Call The Lock Guyz

Schlage interchangeable core rekeying

Schlage IC Core locks are a great solution for restaurants, coffee shops, small pizza place and similar. If you own a business and have a high employee turnover, a Schlage IC core lock system will be the right fit for you.