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Rekey Locks After Closing

Rekey locks after closing? Yes, Indeed! But first, welcome home. Welcome to YOUR place. You can design it, decorate it, work on your yard and most important, you can feel safe in your new place. Oh, wait.. Can you really?
Rekey Locks Locksmith

Rekey Locks Without Key

Can a locksmith rekey a lock without an existing key? In most cases the locksmith can rekey your lock even if you do not have a working key at the moment.  Rekey Locks Without Original Key There is more than one way to unlock a lock cylinder.…
Rekey Locks Locksmith

Rekey Phoenix

The Lock Guyz™ offers rekeying services in Phoenix, AZ and its surrounding cities. Commercial, Industrial & Residential lock rekeing services now available at low-cost with our lock specialists, What is a lock rekey, how and when should you do it?
Rekey Locks Paradise Valley AZ

Rekey Locks Locksmith

What is lock rekey? When is the right time to rekey your home, business or car locks? are there better alternatives? cons and pros of locks rekey.
Rekeying House Locks Locksmith

Rekeying A House

Rekeying a house is a fairly simple process. Whether you have a simple lock or an expensive one, most locks are pretty simple to rekey. Disassembling the locks and removing the cylinder, then replacing the original pins with a new set of pins. Rekeying a house lock is simple, but what about choosing the right locksmith for the job?
Rekey Locks Locksmith

House locks rekey

Who has a key to your house? Previous owner? Ex-Spouse? Neighbor? Old friends? A Contractor? A cleaning crew? The Lock Guyz™ offers affordable solutions for your house locks rekey. We service Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding cities.