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Rekey Locks After Closing

Rekey locks after closing? Yes, Indeed! But first, welcome home. Welcome to YOUR place. You can design it, decorate it, work on your yard and most important, you can feel safe in your new place. Oh, wait.. Can you really?

Rekey Car Locks

There is more than one reason to rekey car locks. Damaged wafers inside the lock, lost key, replacement lock (After an accident), vandalism and more. How much does it cost and when should you hire a locksmith to rekey your car locks?
Rekey Locks Locksmith

Cost to rekey locks locksmith

How much does it REALLY cost to rekey you home/business & What are the main reasons to rekey or change your locks? Professional locksmith makes the difference. Read all about the "cost to rekey locks locksmith"
Rekeying House Locks Locksmith

Rekeying A House

Rekeying a house is a fairly simple process. Whether you have a simple lock or an expensive one, most locks are pretty simple to rekey. Disassembling the locks and removing the cylinder, then replacing the original pins with a new set of pins. Rekeying a house lock is simple, but what about choosing the right locksmith for the job?

Installing a new deadbolt lock

Installing a new deadbolt lock? Debating between doing it yourself or contacting a professional locksmith? Read the article and make the right decision for YOU.
Rekey Locks Paradise Valley AZ

Common Lock Rekeying Myths

How much does it really cost to rekey a house lock? The gap between $15 to $1500 is not your locks, but how much you're willing to pay. Confused??