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5 Reason to rekey your house locks

Hire a local Phoenix Locksmith to rekey your house locks. Rekeying your house locks is the 1st thing that many home owners are doing, once they have possession of their recently purchased home. Why are they doing it and what are the other top…
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Cost to rekey locks locksmith

How much does it REALLY cost to rekey you home/business & What are the main reasons to rekey or change your locks? Professional locksmith makes the difference. Read all about the "cost to rekey locks locksmith"
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Rekeying A House

Rekeying a house is a fairly simple process. Whether you have a simple lock or an expensive one, most locks are pretty simple to rekey. Disassembling the locks and removing the cylinder, then replacing the original pins with a new set of pins. Rekeying a house lock is simple, but what about choosing the right locksmith for the job?
Rekeying Locks Locksmith

Changing Lock or Rekeying?

Which one is better option for you? change locks or rekey them? Few fact that may help you shape a better opinion. Factors like the quantity of total locks that you have, variety of locks, different brands and The ages of your house vs the age of the locks. All of those can be a game changer when it's time to decide.
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Common Lock Rekeying Myths

How much does it really cost to rekey a house lock? The gap between $15 to $1500 is not your locks, but how much you're willing to pay. Confused??