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5 Reason to rekey your house locks

Hire a local Phoenix Locksmith to rekey your house locks. Rekeying your house locks is the 1st thing that many home owners are doing, once they have possession of their recently purchased home. Why are they doing it and what are the other top…
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The benefits of working with a local locksmith in Phoenix

There are many reasons to work with a locksmith, but few to choose a local locksmith near you. From pricing to quality of service, we've listed all of them below.  What does a Locksmith do? Locksmithing is no longer just about duplicating…
how to get a replacement car key

How to get a replacement key for a car

How to get a replacement key for a car? What is the cheapest and most effective way to get a replacement key for car? A locksmith? Car dealer? Online? When and where to use each one.
How to fix Honda ignition?

Honda Ignition Problems

What can you do when your Honda ignition suddenly won't turn anymore? Who can you call and is there a cheaper solution then towing the car to Honda Dealer?