Toyota Locksmith Phoenix

Lost 1998 - 2003 Toyota Sienna Key Replacement

How much does it cost to replace an older Toyota Sienna key? Should you go with a Toyota dealer or with a local car locksmith and why you should re-flash your Toyota ECU instead of buying a new computer.
Lost Jetta Key? Call The Lock Guyz

Lost VW Jetta key

Lost VW Jetta key replacement - The Lock Guyz™ offers cost effective key replacement for all VW (1998 - 2005) models. Lost VW Jetta key replacement key at unbeatable price!! On-site service.
Lost 2012 Lincoln MKT

Lost 2012 Lincoln MKT Key

The Lock Guyz™ Phoenix, A local auto locksmith company specialized in car keys and car key replacement can assist you getting a spare key or a replacement car key for all Ford/Mercury & Lincoln car keys and keyless fobs.

Lost Car Key Ford Focus

Lost Ford Focus car key? We specialized in auto keys, ignition repair and car locks rekey. If you've lost your Ford Focus key and need a replacement, contact us for fast & affordable service (On-site) with NO HIDDEN FEES.
How to get a replacement car key

How to get a replacement car key

What is the best way to get a replacement car key if you lost your car key and have no spare? Can you reduce dealer costs by using a local car locksmith?
Cost to program car key? Call TheLock Guyz and get unbeatable price!

Cost to program car key

When the dealer estimate is too high, many consumers buy keys, fobs, smart keys and remotes online. But when the unit arrives, they have no way to program the key, and have an expensive worthless key. So, how much does it cost to program car key?
Acura Ignition won't turn

Repairing an Acura Ignition Switch

1997 Acura CL ignition problems - Everything you wanted to know about repairing an Acura ignition switch. Older cars often has ignition problems. Some problems are key related (worn out car key) and some are lock related (Broken or worn out springs or wafers). What is cheaper? to replace or to repair?
Lexus Toyota ECU Re Flash? Call The Lock Guyz of Phoenix, AZ

Reflash Lexus Computer

Lexus & Toyota early models requires a new computer when making a replacement key. A Locksmith can reflash your Lexus computer & save you time and money!
Lexus Toyota ECU Re Flash? Call The Lock Guyz of Phoenix, AZ

Toyota Lexus ECU Re-Flash

The cost of replacing older car keys can be higher than new keys. The first generation of security systems was not serviceable as the new ones, where you can simply connect diagnostic tools and reset the car computer, but was more of a one time installation. These computers came with 2 or three keys, that would've last forever. But what if they didn't? How can you get a new key?