Rekeying House Locks Locksmith

Rekeying a house is a fairly simple process. Whether you have a simple lock or an expensive one, most locks are pretty simple to rekey. Disassembling the locks and removing the cylinder, then replacing the original pins with a new set of pins. Rekeying a house lock is simple, but what about choosing the right locksmith for the job?

Rekeying your House lock

There are 3 ways to make sure you have a new key to your house, a unique pattern owned by you and nobody else. Not a previous renter/owner, not a contractor or an ex.

  • Replacing the locks – A while back we posted an article about Rekey vs Replacing Locks. (Price vary based on finish, brand, quality and quantity).
  • Rekey at the Hardware Store – Many hardware stores offer low cost cylinder lock rekey. All you need to do is to remove your home locks (Make sure someone stays at the un-locked house) and drive to the nearest hardware store. Rekeying locks at the hardware store cost anywhere from $11 – $15 (Based on our test – but you can always shop around for pricing before you drive there).
  • Rekeying a house by a locksmith – Maybe the most common form or rekey. Simply contact a local locksmith, schedule an appointment and get your house rekeyed at no time. The advantage here is that you do not have to deal with the messy locks (If they are old), no need to leave your house open and it is done at the comfort of your house. You can watch TV while a local locksmith working on your locks. A standard house (Front and back door) rekey should normally take approximately 30 – 45 minutes to complete.

Rekeying a LockChoosing The Right Locksmith

If rekeying a house is simple, the opposite happen when it’s time to choosing a locksmith. You should remember that a locksmith is a guy that potentially can have a key to your house. He is a guy who’s been inside and knows your daily routing (He knows if you’re a home-maker, running a small office from your basement or took the day off to meet him at the house). So, few things that you should check BEFORE you hire a locksmith company:

  • Local locksmith – Yes, it is stupid, because – EVERYBODY is local. You can’t imagine a locksmith driving here from a different state to rekey your house. However, some locksmiths are registered with the state of Arizona, some of them are simply buying leads online from “companies” (Non exist entities that advertise “locksmith” or “home improvement” services.  Make sure your locksmith is local, insured and that he can prove it.
  • Upfront Pricing – again, it sounds very obvious. Who doesn’t want to know the price before ordering service? But – some companies (normally reputable locksmiths) will quote you over the phone for the whole job or will give you the price per lock cylinder, while others will give you a shady estimate, where pricing “starts at…” and leave it open. Listen carefully while speaking to the locksmith and make sure you understand the details before you give away your home address.

The Lock Guyz™

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