Rekey Locks Locksmith

Can a locksmith rekey a lock without an existing key? In most cases the locksmith can rekey your lock even if you do not have a working key at the moment. 

Rekey Locks Without Original Key

There is more than one way to unlock a lock cylinder. A locksmith can pick the lock open or shim the lock in order to unlock it. In order to rekey a lock cylinder, the locksmith must bring the lock to the “unlock” position so that the cylinder can be easily removed.

There are many lock types and not all of them can be rekeyed without a key:

Schlage deadbolt; Schlage Knob; Kwikset Smart Key; Kwikset deadbolt; Lever Locks.

Rekey Smart-Lock without a Key

If you have access to the lock and you can remove it from the door without damaging the lock, then you can remove the cylinder and use a Kwikset smart key reset cradle to fit a new key to the lock.

Rekey Locks Cost

If you have no key for your locks but need to rekey – a locksmith can still rekey your locks. However, if you do not have a working key, in some cases the total cost for picking the locks and rekeying it will not justify the cost of the rekey and maybe a new lock will be cheaper.

Rekey Vs. New Lock

Rekey Locks LocksmithIf you have a designer lock installed or even a custom lock (french doors etc.) – rekeying is the right way for you. However, if you just need to replace one or two generic locks (Basic deadbolt/ knob) – it may be cheaper just to go to the nearest hardware store and buy a new set of locks and DIY.

Rekey Locks Without Original/Old Key

If you need to rekey locks without key it’s doable – but we recommend you to explore your options and first decide if you really need to rekey your locks before you decide if you wish to contact a locksmith to rekey your locks or just purchase a new set and do it yourself.

Rekeying Locks Locksmith

Rekey Schlage Lever Lock without a Key

When it comes to Schlage lever locks, the situation can be a bit tricky. In a perfect world, a locksmith would pick that lock, remove the lever and pull the cylinder to rekey it. However, Schlage can be hard to pick and sometimes it will be easier to either replace the lock or just drill the cylinder and replace it with a new cylinder (A replacement cylinder cost is about $10).