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Who has a key to your house? Previous owner? Ex-Spouse? Neighbor? Old friends? A Contractor? A cleaning crew? The Lock Guyz™ offers affordable solutions for your house locks rekey. We service Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding cities. 

Why is it so important to rekey your house locks?

In Phoenix itself, there are about 200 property related crimes every year. How can you protect yourself against crime? Well… you really can’t. But what can you do is to delay the thieves or keep them outside long enough until someone will spot them and call the police.

The first step – Making sure that YOU are the only one who has keys to YOUR HOUSE! How can you do it? Simply by rekeying your locks and disabling all previously used keys.

Rekeying normally refers to the ability to change a lock so that a different key may operate it. 


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Rekey Locks Cost

The cost vary between companies and lock types. We always recommend calling few companies and getting more than one quote. However, the cheapest company will not always be the best locksmith company. You should remember that when you contact a locksmith to rekey your house locks, you will be actually letting a stranger into your house, and potentially let him leave with a key to your home, all of this after he has seen the inside of your house. So… no. The cheapest price is not necessary the only factor that you should look into when looking for a locksmith business to rekey your home.

This has to be the best customer service experience I have had in the 10+ years I have live in the Phoenix area. It reminded me of how people treat you in small towns.

Jason M.

How to choose the right locksmith?

  • First, make sure that the business is a REAL LOCAL LOCKSMITH IN PHOENIX (85032) (or in your area).
    Sounds silly, but.. with so much web-spam out there, you don’t really know if a local number actually rings in your city or at some far away out of state dispatch center…
  • Check the business with the state! Yes – when you let someone in your house, you can at least make sure you can track him down if needed. Arizona makes it easy with a quick business name search available online.
  • Insurance –  Make sure that the business is insured. Not all locksmiths carry insurance, but if they do – it is always a plus!
  • Price  Price is always a factor, indeed! However, listen carefully when you are taking notes. Many shady companies will quote you only the basic charge ($18 AND UP) per lock cylinder. Wait wait.. $18 AND UP. Here it is. Some “locksmiths” will try to sell you the job really cheap. Cheap until the “Locksmith” shows at your doorstep and explaining that you have a very unique lock that will requires additional cost. Oh yeah.. I would really trust THAT guy with my house locks.. would YOU?

Rekey Locksmith

The Lock Guyz™ offers an affordable and reliable locksmith service all throughout the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. We offer same day service or by appointment. Call us at (623) 850-8383. to get your home locks rekeyed by a local professional locksmith company.