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How much does it REALLY cost to rekey you home/business? What are the main reasons to rekey/ change your locks? Professional locksmith makes the difference. Read all about the “cost to rekey locks locksmith”

What is a Lock Rekey

First, a little introduction with our lingo. Rekey (Often referred as “change locks”) is the art of changing the pins inside a lock cylinder, in order to make it fit to a new key.

In the Video below (Courtesy of Mr. Locksmith) – you can learn more about the process and how you, as a customer, can benefit from rekeing your locks VS replacing them.

How to Rekey a Locks

in for a penny in for a pound

In many states, licensing is not required in order to be a locksmith. This is one of the reasons why many scams are involved in this industry. Can you imagine giving a random stranger a key to your house? How about showing him a round and telling him when you won’t be home?

unfortunately, this is exactly what happens every day, for years, where websites posing as locksmith businesses are taking advantage of customers. The ad promise $15 Locksmith, then $19 rekey – but in reality, once the “locksmith” is inside your house you start hearing all kinds of stories about how complicated and unique is your lock, minutes late – that $19 goes up… way up.. sometimes even $100 per lock.

Rekey Locks Cost? Call our Friendly locksmith for a free quote. So how much does it really cost to Rekey?

Well, there isn’t really a set price to rekey a lock. However, shopping around is always a good start. You can try calling a local hardware store and get some pricing, then compare it with the locksmith quote. Remember that the locksmith will always be a bit more expensive (On-site service, Labor fee to remove/ install locks etc). 

The most important thing is to ask the locksmith, or the dispatcher, if there are ANY HIDDEN FEES or other costs that he did not disclose over the phone. “$19 and up…” quote is a very shady estimate that can point that your locksmith is not really a locksmith, because a real local locksmith can quote you, down to the penny, on how much it will cost you to rekey those house locks.

Our Rates

The Lock Guyz™ offers low cost rekey to home and business owners, who wish to eliminate an old key and rekey their locks for a new key.

Are you un-happy with your locks? Let us recommend a specific brand and assist you upgrade your home locks.

Our locksmiths helps with child-proof locks install, keypad deadbolts or simply rekey existing locks. Call us now and speak to one of our team members to get a non binding quote with no hidden fees.