Rekey Locks Paradise Valley AZ

How much does it really cost to rekey a house lock? The gap between $15 to $1500 is not your locks, but how much you’re willing to pay. Confused??

How much does it cost to rekey a lock?

Common homeowners assumption is that a lock rekey is priceless, this is why most homeowners hires a sales person instead of a professional locksmith. With an unknown quotes and shady pricing, the “locksmith” shows up at your door step when you are actually clueless about the process and the final price.

Most residential locks, if not all of them, has the basic lock cylinders installed in them and are fast ans easy to rekey. Any other story that you may hear from a “locksmith” may be, umm, a lie.

Rekeying Locks? Not that complicated.


When contacting a locksmith for a house rekey – ask for TOTAL price prior to allowing the locksmith to show up at your place. Remember: a sales person will sweat talk his way into your pocket, while a locksmith simply rekey your locks.

Changing Lock or Rekeying?

As long as you have a working key to your lock, rekeying it will be the preferred method from a locksmith point a view. However, if your locks are old, it may be a good idea to upgrade some or all of them. You can always consult your locksmith on site and learn about more options other than rekey.

Remember that a good lock can last 30 years and more and replacing a good working lock may not be required in order to rekey your home.