Rekeying Locks Locksmith

Which one is better option for you? change locks or rekey them? Few fact that may help you shape a better opinion. Factors like the quantity of total locks that you have, variety of locks,  different brands and The ages of your house vs the age of the locks. All of those can be a game changer when it’s time to decide. 

To Be or not to Be – Change locks or Rekey?

How old is your house? Is your current hardware expendable? How many lock do you have? Are they from different brands ? Different keyways? How many different keys do you use in your house? One or more? When it’s smarter to replace your locks then actually dealing with rekeying them?

How many keys do you use?

If you are using more than one key in your house, it’s time to rekey the locks and get a single key to lock/unlock all of your doors. a local locksmith can rekey your locks or a local hardware store, if you wish to save the trip charge and labor costs. In some cases, a single key cannot be used in your house due to different lock brands that are in use in your house.

Different lock brands?


Rekey Locks Locksmith If you are currently using different brands, be aware that some of them are using different keyway. The best way to know if your house locks can be rekeyed is to take one key and see if it will fit in the other locks. Doesn’t matter if it can lock/unlock the locks, but as long as it goes in, it means that all off your locks are using a single key way and can be rekeyed to use one key. If it doesn’t, some of the locks need to be replaced in order to use a single key.

 How many locks do you have?

There is a difference between a house with 13 locks (Patio door, screen door, security doors, house main entrance, back door, door to the garage an so on) and a condo with only one deadbolt on the front door. If all you have is a single deadbolt it may be cheaper to purchase a new deadbolt from a nearby hardware store and install it yourself. If you feel uncomfortable installing it, a friendly handyman neighbor or a family member can assist you. It can save you an average of $50 on a locksmith service fee. However, if you have a lot of locks, a local locksmith can definitely be the better solution than replacing all the locks in your house – cause after you’ll replace them all, you still need to rekey them to work on one key, so you just spent lots of money and back to square one.

Cylinder Lock rekey

How old is your house?

If your house is about 50 years old (or older..) replacing the locks may not be such simple task. Some older doors has smaller holes in them, to fit the old style locks. Some doors has bigger holes, that cannot be easily covered by new hardware, and modifications needs to be made to make it all look right. If your house is old, it is always better to rekey your locks than replacing them. The old locks match the house look & feel, and a shiny brass on an old door may just look.. wrong. For older properties, we always recommend consulting with a locksmith in case your lock failed and needs to be replaced or even if you just need to rekey it.

Rekey pinning kit

Most important, how old are your locks?

A good lock will last you 30 years or more. So, it your locks are old and you wish to replace them, our best advice to you, don’t go cheap. Do you really want to secure your loved one and valuables behind a $10 piece of hardware? If you’ve already decided to purchase new locks, spend a little more. Remember – A good lock can and will last 30 years. And a good lock is what standing between a burglar to your family.