Lost Vending machine key? Call The Lock Guyz

We have the equipment, knowledge and experience to pick the round locks and creating replacement vending machine key in case of lost or stolen key. If you need a new key, call The Lock Guyz™ to schedule an appointment.

Can a locksmith make a round key?

Yes. A locksmith can & should pick your lock open and make you a replacement key, even if you have a “Round lock”. Although round keys are not that common, they are still in use in a lot of different industries:

  • ACE_Round-vending-machine-keySoda machines (Vending machine)
  • Laundry machine (Single key or a Master key)
  • Harley Davidson
  • Gun safes
  • Small home safes

If you are missing your ACE key (or “Round Key”, or “Barrel Key”), call us and we can replace it at no time.

Vending machine, Laundromat or a Harley?

We can assist you get a replacement barrel key to your vending machine, motorcycle, gun safe or other device. Some of the small planes are using the round keys as well (Storage). This key considered more secure than a standard single or double sided key.

“To drill or not to drill?”

Many fly by night locksmiths will suggest drilling your vending machine lock and replace it. Should you do it? No. Not really. Each and every tubular lock has a different style. Drilling it may get it unlocked and will gain access to your property, but the replacement cost may be too expensive.

Where to drill out tubular ace lockIf you are looking to drill the lock, you don’t need to overpay a locksmith to do it. Simply get a 1/4 inch bit and drill it out (Chart below).

If you chose to hire a locksmith, make sure that he knows how to make a key and not just to drill out your lock with an empty promise to come back with a new lock within few days…

Barry (The Lock Guyz) was quick and helpful and at the right price!! Would call him again in a heartbeat!! Thanks!!

Anthony B. (Google.com)

How much does a locksmith charge?

Like any other service, the final charge includes travel time, The type of the lock and how many keys required. In general, pick a round lock and creating a new set of keys may vary anywhere between $95 to $150.

Vending machine key? Call The Lock Guyz

Vending Machine Lock

Common problems

In some cases, the lock will not be aligned due to a key failure or a recent attempt to pick your lock. We can reset your lock at no time.

If you need a key copied, please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our lock and key specialists.