Hire a local Phoenix Locksmith to rekey your house locks. Rekeying your house locks is the 1st thing that many home owners are doing, once they have possession of their recently purchased home. Why are they doing it and what are the other top 4 reasons to re-key your house locks?

rekey locks after buying a house

The 1st reason, and probably the most obvious one, is after you buy your home. You don’t want any realtor, contractor or a previous owner to have a key to your property. You want to make sure that you are the only one who has access to this house from now on, just before you move your possessions.

Rekey Locks Locksmith

Hiring a locksmith to rekey your locks is one out of 2 options. The other one is to remove the locks and take them to the hardware store and rekey it over there.

With the average cost of $11-$14 per lock cylinder rekey, hire a mobile locksmith (Rekey fee + trip charge). Don’t mess with removing the locks – call a local locksmith and have the service performed at your location!

Most people will rekey their home locks less than 2 hours after closing. If you already have a closing date and wish to secure a time slot, please click here to book your appointment.

Moving in out rekey locks phoenix

Landlords and tenants always wants to ensure that nobody has a key to their house. If you recently moved to a new house and wish to rekey your locks, or if you are a landlord who has a tenant moving in/out – we invite you to contact us and book an appointment to rekey your locks by a local trusted locksmith in Phoenix.

Landlords – We offer a home rekey/ lockout program to benefit you. If you know when you renter in moving in/ out – you can book it with us and we will rekey the locks the day before they move in.

We also offer emergency lockout service at a reduced rate to the properties that we service. Show your tenant that you care and buy them a house rekey (special rates available to realtors/ multi home owners).

To learn more and speak to one of our locksmiths, please contact us here.

repo my house rekey locksmith

Sometimes, a renter/ home owner is no longer able to pay his rent. Being a landlord, you have to protect your asset and have the tenant removed.

Eviction & Repossession

In Arizona, the law is by your side and it’s fairly easy for the landlord to take possession of his house. But even with a court order in hand, you can’t be sure what will the tenant do.

If you got your court order and a constable by your side, book your appointment now!

By the end of the day, you want to ensure that you are the only one with a key to your house, and this is why we’re here for.

rekey locks after legal separation phoenix

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to rekey our locks in order to keep out the ones that we once loved the most. Protecting your possessions is like protecting your heart. You MUST keep them out so you can protect yourself and heal. Keep them out mentally, emotionally and Physically.

Legal Separation

In cases of legal separation, there are restraining orders involved sometimes, which makes it even more important to rekey your locks.

If you are rekeying your locks due to separation, please note that the other party may still has your address on his/ her driver license. We recommend to tape notes from inside the windows, stating that you are the only person allowed on this property. If another locksmith shows up at the following day, he will probably won’t unlock the door. If your other half see this note while scouting the front/ back yard, he is less likely to even call a locksmith.

lost house key rekey phoenix

One of the most obvious reasons, yet, maybe the most important one – is to rekey your locks if you’ve lost the key to your house. You can’t be sure who has it and if they have your address or followed you home.

If you cannot find your house key – contact a local locksmith to rekey your house locks ASAP. When in doubt – Re-Key!

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