Motorcycle Locksmith

Lost your Yamaha motorcycle key? Not a problem! The Lock Guyz™ offers fast, professional and affordable on-site key replacement service for your Yamaha motorcycle key.

Motorcycle Locksmith

Motorcycle locksmith need to be able to make a replacement key by decoding one of your locks. Unlike cars, motorcycles don’t have key codes. Shocking as it is – when losing a motorcycle key you are limited to two options:

  • Replacing all the locks on your bike (Ignition, helmet lock, seat lock, steering lock and gas cap)
  • Contact a local motorcycle locksmith and get a replacement motorcycle key.

Lost Yamaha Motorcycle Key

With Yamaha, a standard key can be originate by a professional locksmith in an average time of 30 minutes or less. It’s a pretty basic key to make and the process shouldn’t take too long. However, If you changed one or more of the locks, make sure to notify your locksmith BEFORE he starts making the key. This way, he can make the right key for the ignition switch.

Lost Yamaha Motorcycle Key? Call The Lock Guyz

Motorcycle Keys

Choose The Lock Guyz to make a replacement key for your Yamaha.
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