Lost KTM Key? Call a local motorcycle locksmith in Phoenix Arizona to make a replacement key

The Lock Guyz® offers on-site motorcycle key replacement. If you’ve lost your KTM key and need a local locksmith to make a new one – call us for an estimate.

Lost KTM Key

Unfortunately, KTM bikes does not have key codes available. There’s no secret database, no codes listed on the bike and no way to retrieve it online.

When your KTM key is lost you’re facing one out of two options: Replacing all the locks on the bike or calling a local locksmith to make a replacement key.

How can a locksmith make a replacement KTM key

The first and most important step for our locksmiths is to verify that you are indeed the bike owner. This is why before we start working you will have to show proof of ownership. Please have your driver’s license (Or any issued state ID with picture) and valid registration/bill of sale/ title ready.

Our locksmiths will pick open the gas cap lock, disassemble it and fit a key to it. Once the key is ready, we will test it on all other KTM locks (Ignition, Seat etc).

When we know for sure that the key works perfectly, we will put together the gas cap parts, collect our fee and you can get back on the road.