Motorcycle Locksmith

Lost motorcycle key? With no key codes on file, making a key replacement for a motorcycle if almost impossible when you try using the dealer. Also, replacing all the locks in your bike (Gas cap, seat lock, steering, ignition) can be a bit pricey and challenging if you choose to do it yourself. Can a locksmith help you in these situations? 

Motorcycle Key

Most motorcycle keys does not have a transponder (chip) inside and are really basic old fashioned keys. They are different in shape and style, different key way for each manufacturer of course, but other than that – basic keys.

Gas Cap Key

In most cases, your gas cap and ignition switch are using single key. If you replaced your gas cap, or gas tank, making a key to your bike may not be as easy as you hoped. Therefore, when replacing gas tank or gas cap, make sure that the key to the new lock will match to the ignition key.

KTM Gas Cap Parts

How long does it take to make a replacement key?

For the majority of bikes, anywhere from 10 to 35 minutes. Some easier than other, like any other thing in life.

How can a locksmith make a key?

There are 3 techniques to make a lost motorcycle key replacement. Each locksmith works with what he is most comfortable with. We like to take things apart. It works good for us and leaves almost zero room for mistakes, since we look to the wafers in the eye!

By taking apart the gas cap lock, we are able to get most of the cuts required for your ignition switch, as shown below.

Lost Motorcycle Key? Call The Lock Guyz

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How to get in touch

If you need a lost motorcycle key replacement – we service Phoenix, Arizona metro area, Peoria and the Northwest Phoenix area. We provide on site key replacement service and we are available by appointment.

Please call us at (623) 850-8383. or contact us using our contact us form.

Lost Motorcycle Key Replacement – Important Information

At time of service we require that THE BIKE OWNER WILL BE PRESENT ON SITE!

Owner should have a state issues ID (Driver License or Passport), proof of ownership (Title, Bill of Sale, Registration) and Valid insurance card.