There are many reasons to work with a locksmith, but few to choose a local locksmith near you. From pricing to quality of service, we’ve listed all of them below. 

What does a Locksmith do?

Locksmithing is no longer just about duplicating keys. In the past 2 decades, the locksmith industry expand and became very broad. It is so broad, that even inside this industry you can find locksmiths who limit themselves to a single expertise. Some will do only automotive work, some will limit themselves to real estate rekey, few will specialize working on safes and some will go with access control and low voltage projects.

The main reason for that, is the high investment required to get into each and every category and the time that one needs in order to get enough experience to become an expert in its field.

It takes years, ambition and dedication to become a good locksmith.

Local vs. Global

There’s a rumor, an urban legend, that a long time ago someone at Google said that the search needs to be “glocal”, because global is local. That, in one sentence summarized the entire discussion. Yes! Global IS local. Same rule apply also to any industry, locksmiths in particular.

For us, Being a local locksmith means to be a part of our community. To know the common problems occur in our area, because they are related to dust, heat, hardware, structure etc.

It’s to know the people who create the human mosaic around us. It’s to understand the economy and adjust the pricing to our local market, even when it means to provide cost effective services to our local ASU students who needs to find a locksmith near ASU.

A local locksmith can be a huge help when you purchase your 1st home and need to rekey your locks, when your car keys are lost or if you find yourself locked out of your car.

The Lock Guyz ® is a local locksmith in Phoenix, Arizona and a preferred service provider by nationwide insurance and roadside service companies, realtors and customers. Our services includes:

  • Lost car key replacement
  • Motorcycle key 
  • House Locks Rekey
  • Lock Change
  • Business Lock Rekey
  • Storefront lock rekey
  • Emergency Lockout service (car/ house/ office)
  • Program car key