Lost Hummer H1 H2 H3 Key

What can you do if you lost your Hummer key? Would you rather tow your Hummer to the nearest dealership or pay less and have it serviced on site? 

How to get a replacement Hummer key

Lost your Hummer key and in need for a replacement car key? here are your options:

  1. Early years has no chip in the key, which makes it easier for you to call GM dealership and check the VIN with the parts department. If your key does not have a chip – the cheapest way to get a replacement key (when you have a non-chipped key) is from the dealership.
    • Get a ride to GM dealership
    • Bring your state issued ID and car title/ registration with you.
    • Get a replacement key cut by VIN (Average $60), by walking to parts (Inside the dealership).
  2. For car with dealer installed anti theft system (Immobilizer), key made from the VIN still needs to be programmed by the dealer (or a local car locksmith) because of the chip inside. Therefore, towing your car to the dealer can be pricy.
  3. Car locksmith to make replacement transponder chip key (Programmed). A local auto locksmith will come to your location, verify ownership (Using your state issued ID and car registration/ title), then cut & program a new key for your Hummer. The service should take 30 – 45 minutes and you should be able to drive the car immediately.

Lost Hummer Key? Call The Lock Guyz

How much does a replacement Hummer key cost?

  • Without regulation there’s no set price for your Hummer replacement car key. This is why we always recommend contacting several locksmiths and get all the information ahead of time.
  1. Avoid shady estimates or vague pricing “$25 and up…” and try to stick with the solid rates. By doing so, you will ensure that you are working with a reputable locksmith that will not change the price or leave you stranded.

Most keys with no chip will cost $115 – $140 and $150 – $200 for a transponder car key.

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