Car Keys for less? Yes! Get a replacement car key for cheap and what should you look for when shopping for a spare or a replacement car keys online. 

Car Keys For Less

Before discussing the car keys for less and how you can save money on a new car key, let’s review the situations that requires a new car key first.

There are few situations that requires people to get a new car key:

  • Add a key
  • Lost car key
  • Damaged car key
  • Stolen key
  • A gift to someone else
  • Lost rental car/ Uhaul key

What do you need to know before purchasing a key

Most 2000+ models requires a key to be programmed to the car, in order to start the vehicle. That means that these keys contains a small chip that needs to be synced with your car.

For some cars (Few Ford, VW, Toyota), 2(and sometimes 3) keys are required in order to successfully close the programming cycle.

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Cheap car keys

Although many website are selling car keys for less, remotes and fobs online, you still need to contact a local locksmith/ dealer in order to cut & program your key.

In addition, many cars requires pre-coded or dealer keys in order to program it to the car.

Also – some locksmiths/ dealers will refuse to deal with online keys.

Last, check the store return policy, in case that the key is bad (wrong chip/ no chip/ locked fob etc).

“I’ve lost my car key, can you get a new key made?”

Yes! If you’re car key is lost/ stolen or damaged and if you need a new key cut & programmed for your car, please contact us with your car make, year & model for a non binding quote. You can also build a quote using this link.

Car keys for less