Lost only car key

Lost car key? What steps can you take in order to get a replacement car key when all keys are lost? Can a replacement key even be made by anyone other than the dealerships? 

The Dilemma

You’ve lost your only car key and must get a replacement key. However, you need to get the car tp the dealership in order to get a key made and you need a key made, in order for you to drive the car to the dealership. How can you get it done, then?  It’s a conundrum.

Mobile Car Locksmith

In more than one occasion, a locksmith is called for the rescue, when the dealer has no access to key codes (i.e. if the car is too old). So, why not start with a locksmith instead of saving it as a last resort?

Many locksmiths can assist you in getting a replacement car key if your last and only car key is stolen, damaged or lost. Most, if not all of them, will be cheaper than the dealers.

What do you need?

In order for you to contact a local locksmith and ask him to make a replacement car key, you’ll need the following items in your possession:

  • Car owner should be present at the scene.
  • Owner’s driver license.
  • Car registration with current owner information on it/ notarized open title/ title.

Lost Car Key (Nissan Versa)

How much does it cost?

Like any other service, lost car key cost varies between different locksmiths and different car years & models.
For example, a 2017 Toyota Smart Key cost will be higher than if you lost a 2000 VW key.

In general, car keys can be divided to 3:

  • Car keys with no chip ($80 – $120)
  • Car keys with a transponder (chip keys: $140 – $225)
  • Smart keys and keyless fobs ($185 – $350)

For each category, of course, there are different variants that can determine the final price (Single key for car door locks and ignition Vs. @ keys – one for the doors/ trunk and 2nd for the ignition).

Also, is there a key code available for your car (based on the car VIN), or does labor fee apply?

Therefore, it is always recommended to get the final price for lost car key replacement, before you authorize anyone to touch your car.