Toyota ignition repair

If you own an older Toyota car, SUV or a truck, you familiar with the 5 minutes that you are spending daily trying to start the car every morning. Playing with the key in the ignition every time, hoping to hit the right spot, where everything falls into place and the ignition will finally start – is really not fan. But then, one day, no matter what you try, the ignition refuse to turn. What now?

Worn out key

One of the most common reasons, is a worn out key. Do you realize that your key is almost 15 years old or older? 15 years that you are putting the key and pulling it back, grinding it constantly until, at one point, it looks like a flat piece of metal.

How can you tell if it’s a Toyota ignition problem?

Ignition won’t turn, or a key stuck in the ignition

In some cases, you will find out that you can turn the key in the ignition but cannot pull the key back. You will also feel that your ignition is frozen and won’t move backwards or forward. These symptoms may point on a different problem. It is no longer a key issue, but now you have to deal with a failed ignition.

Reasons to be concerned:

  • Key won’t turn the ignition
  • Key stuck in the ignition

Toyota Ignition

Toyota Ignition Repair

If you’re ignition is still turning with a key, even occasionally, it can be repaired. Contact a locksmith in your area or call The Lock Guyz™ to get a free estimate.

If your ignition is not turning anymore, a replacement ignition can be easily installed in your car.


Yes! If you’re up for the challenge and ready to get your hands dirty, you can purchase a replacement ignition in almost any auto parts store ($80 – $115), and replace it yourself.


If you’re key is still turning, a locksmith can disassemble the lock cylinder and repair it. A split wafer (or more) can cause your ignition to stay locked, preventing any movement. By pulling it out, a locksmith can remove the worn out wafers and replace them with new ones.

Toyota ignition repair