Acura Ignition won't turn

Acura Ignition Repair service: Let our locksmiths troubleshoot & repair your Acura/ Honda ignition switch. Is it a worn out car key or a lock related (Broken/ worn out springs/ wafers). Will it be cheaper to replace or repair your ignition?

How to fix an Acura ignition

Japanese cars using split wafers (Toyota, Lexus, Acura, Honda), unlike GM/ Ford/ Chrysler that are using the whole wafer. Those wafers, sometimes, cause issues and needs to be lubricated and cleaned regularly in order to operate smoothly.

If your Acura ignition will not turn, Contact a car locksmith near you.

Friendly fast had to get an ignition switch replaced called him up said he could be there in about 20 min and got the job done clean made it look easy. 

Repairing an Acura ignition switch

Step 1

Our car locksmith will remove the cover around the steering wheel so you can see the ignition.

Acura ignition repair

Acura ignition won't turn? Call The Lock Guyz

1997 Acura CL ignition problems

Step 2

Our local car locksmith will remove the ignition cover, then pull your Acura ignition out.

Acura after Removing the ignition switch

1997 Acura ignition repair

Step 3

The locksmith will repair your ignition and install it back in your car. Re-building the ignition is the preferred option. After fixing the ignition, you will be able to re-use your existing key and will not have to use 2 different keys – one for the door and one for the ignition.