Ford Focus ignition won't turn

Ford Focus ignition won’t turn? There’s an easy fix for that! We’ve listed some basic solutions that may work. If nothing else, contact The Lock Guyz™ to get your Ford Focus ignition switch replaced.

Ford Focus Ignition Problems

Ford Focus ignition switchShortly after driving to the grocery store, picking up some stuff and going back to her car, our customer found out that her Ford focus key won’t go in all the way. After fighting with the intractable key, she was able to get it in all the way. However, at this point her key won’t turn the ignition anymore.

Stranded and frustrated, she did not have a lot of choices and figured that something is wrong with the car and it has to be towed to the dealer. Quick research online will show that this is actually a common problem with an easy and affordable fix.

If you are having problems turning the key in the ignition, If you find yourself straggling every morning for 5 minutes or more, then your ignition may fail soon. This inconvenience of being stranded can be voided simply by contacting a local car locksmith.

 I looked online about drilling it out myself and found out, that if your not a locksmith this is inadvisable.

Recommended Solutions

  • Try to gently tap on the key. Sometimes it will release the locked ignition and will enable you drive the car home, where you can wait for a locksmith to come and apply a permanent repair.
  • Call the nearest Ford dealer and ask about any recalls that may give you a freebie (Assuming your insurance will cover the towing).
  • Want to DIY? buy the Strattec aftermarket ignition online and replace it yourself. (You can ask a local locksmith to assemble the ignition for you based on your key code).
  • Sometimes, a worn out key can make you think that your ignition failed. While all you have to do is simply get a new key cut. If the car is derivable, have a locksmith make you a mechanical key copy  to help you eliminate the problem.

Act Now – Call a Ford Locksmith

Decided to go with car locksmith to fix the problem? That’s cool!
make sure that you are dealing with a local insured and experienced locksmith.
Make sure to ask for a final price before you hire the locksmith and check their warranty policy.

Ford Focus ignition won’t start? Hire a Locksmith!

The problem occurs because of a faulty design. The ignition switch has a sidebar that sometimes fails. Once failed, the ignition is locked and cannot be turned.

A new ignition switch will solve the problem immediately. If you are trying to replace the ignition yourself, please be careful not to drill into the steering column and not to damage the black antenna ring (located around the ignition switch).

If you will damaged the antenna, your car won’t start since the key won’t be able to communicate with the immobilizer box.

Below you can find a picture of an open ignition with the damaged sidebar.

Ford Focus ignition (Side bar)