Chrysler ignition Repair

What if someone tried to break into your car, was successful in stealing it, but left severe damage to the ignition switch? If while trying to steal it, the thief also tampered with the antenna and now you have a car, but no way to move it. What next?

The Junk Yard

Your local scrap yard is probably the first stop in your effort to get your car fixed. Sometimes a new steering column required, sometimes just an ignition switch. If your car antenna is damaged, get a new antenna from the yard.

If your antenna was damaged, do not throw it away. Some car manufacturers requires all the parts to be synced. This is why a replacement part will not always work (Or at least will have to be modified in order to work).

The Ignition

If you need a new steering column, you can either do it yourself, or get a mechanic to assist you. Unfortunately, a locksmith cannot install a steering column, not unless he is also a licensed mechanic.

Contact an auto locksmith to assist you building a new ignition switch and to code it to your original key. This will help you make sure that you will only use one key (your old key) for both door & ignition. Installing an after market ignition cost you more in parts & labor, since you now have to program the new keys to your car.

Fix Chrysler Ignition

The Antenna

Some cars antennas are standard (i.e. Ford). You can just buy a new one or a used one then install it. Some antennas has a PCB unit as part of them (i.e. Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge) and by replacing it with a new/used part you are doing only part of the job. After installing a dealer part (About $105 + tax) you will still have to tow your car to the dealer (Average of $180) and have the dealer sync the antenna to your car (average of $180). Your total cost is almost $500 at this point.

Do it for $3.25

Go to the junk yard and get a replacement antenna for cheap. Gently remove your old PCB and transfer it to your new antenna. This should take you anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes. To install it, simply place it around the ignition switch and tighten the screw (Torx 25).

Use your old key. No additional programming required.

Broken Antenna Ring (Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep)