2002 Ford Focus ignition

Many older Ford Ranger ignition switch cylinders are sharing a common problem. The wear and tear on this amazing truck ignition can cause the end of the ignition switch tail piece to simply break, causing your ignition to just spin without actually starting the truck.

Ford Ignition Switch Problems

Like the Ford Focus ignition, this truck’s ignition has some issues that can be addressed in case of a failure. Once broken, this ignition cannot be repaired and a new ignition switch needs to be installed.

in order to remove the ignition switch, simply turn it to the ACC position, then hit the retainer (silver piece) underneath and pull the ignition out. Then, using a needle nose pliers you can extract the broken tail piece.

Where to Get a New Ford Ignition Switch

You can get a new Ford ignition switch cylinder for about $40 online. However, getting a new ignition switch online has its own downsides:

  • You will now have 2 sets of keys, the old key will be used for the doors, the new key will be used for the ignition.
  • You will have to PROGRAM the new keys to your Ford. That means another $100.

The better way is to contact a local auto locksmith that will come to you, install a new ignition and code it to YOUR key. This way – no programming is required and you can keep using your existing key for both doors and ignition.

If you want to save money, you can always take your key to a local locksmith shop and ask them to code a new ignition for you. This way you will not pay for additional labor and trip charge fee.

Ford Ignition Repair

The Lock Guyz can assist you with any Ford ignition repair – from the early 90’s to the latest models. Act now! If you are experiencing lock and key problems with your Ford ignition switch, call us before it’s too late. Like any other problem, if you are aware of the symptoms and catch it on time, you will be able to save money.  In some cases, a worn out key could be the source of your ignition switch problem. This can be easily fixed by cutting a new car key.