Lost KTM Key? Call a local motorcycle locksmith in Phoenix Arizona to make a replacement key

Lost KTM Key Replacement

The Lock Guyz® offers on-site motorcycle key replacement. If you've lost your KTM key and need a local locksmith to make a new one - call us for an estimate.
lost honda motorcycle key

Lost Honda Motorcycle Key

What can you if you Lost your Honda Motorcycle key? Honda dealers does not have a record of your bike key code and replacing all the locks can be both hard and expensive. Learn what The Lock Guyz™ can do for you.
Lost Gixxer Key

Lost suzuki GSX-R key Replacement

Unlike cars, motorcycle companies does not store their key codes in a database, making it hard to originate a replacement key in case of lost or stolen key. Most dealers will suggest you buy a whole new set of locks (Ignition, Gas Cap and seat lock). Can a locksmith offer a better solution?
Lost Harley Key

Harley Davidson Key Replacement

Can a Harley Davidson key be made by VIN? Harley Davidson key replacement can be made in 2 different ways. Which one works for you?
Lost Kawasaki Ninja Key? Call The Lock Guyz

Lost 2010 Kawasaki Ninja Key

Lost Kawasaki Ninja Key? 2008 and later Kawasaki Ninja motorcycles has a new key. This new key system has not been well documented, what makes the process of originating a new key very difficult. We had a call from a customer, who had a bad experience with another locksmith company. The "locksmith" spent over 3 hours "working" on her bike, tampering with the gas cap lock, until, finally, he handed her a key. Just a key. Not even the right key. Just a key that will - if you jiggle it long enough - unlock her gas cap. Oh.. he also charged her for his "labor".