2002 Ford Focus ignition

2002 Ford Ranger Ignition Repair

Many older Ford Ranger ignition switch cylinders are sharing a common problem. The wear and tear on this amazing truck ignition can cause the end of the ignition switch tail piece to simply break, causing your ignition to just spin without actually starting the truck.
Acura Ignition won't turn

Repairing an Acura Ignition Switch

1997 Acura CL ignition problems - Everything you wanted to know about repairing an Acura ignition switch. Older cars often has ignition problems. Some problems are key related (worn out car key) and some are lock related (Broken or worn out springs or wafers). What is cheaper? to replace or to repair?
Toyota ignition repair

Toyota ignition repair

If you own an older Toyota car, SUV or a truck, you familiar with the 5 minutes that you are spending daily trying to start the car every morning. Playing with the key in the ignition every time, hoping to hit the right spot, where everything falls into place and the ignition will finally start - is really not fan. But then, one day, no matter what you try, the ignition refuse to turn. What now?
Chrysler ignition Repair

Chrysler Ignition Lock Repair

What if someone tried to break into your car, was successful in stealing it, but left severe damage to the ignition switch? What if while trying to steal it, the thief also tampered with the antenna and now you have a car, but no way to move it. What next?
How to fix Honda ignition?

Honda Ignition Problems

What can you do when your Honda ignition suddenly won't turn anymore? Who can you call and is there a cheaper solution then towing the car to Honda Dealer?
Ford Focus ignition won't turn

Ford Focus ignition won't turn

Ford Focus ignition won't turn? There's an easy fix for that! We've listed some basic solutions that may work. If nothing else, contact The Lock Guyz™ to get your Ford Focus ignition switch replaced.