Broke my car key what to do

What to do when your key shell broke

This new generation of car keys is, most of all, expensive. A broken key can cost you $5.00 or up to $500. The different can be the action that you will choose to take.
Lost VW key

How to get a replacement VW car key

Why does a replacement VW key cost so much and is there a cheaper way to get a copy, or a replacement key made?
how to get a replacement car key

How to get a replacement key for a car

How to get a replacement key for a car? What is the cheapest and most effective way to get a replacement key for car? A locksmith? Car dealer? Online? When and where to use each one.
Broken Car Key? Call The Lock Guyz

Broken Car Key Replacement

What can you do if your car key broke and you have no spare? Call The Lock Guyz™ for fast & affordable key replacement.
Lost only car key Chevy blazer

1995 Chevy Blazer Key Replacement

Is your car too old and there is no key code on file? Have your car locks been re-keyed in the past and the key code came from the VIN does not match? How to get a key replacement when a key by VIN in not an option and where to find hidden car key code?
Lost your Rental Car Key? Call The Lock Guyz

Lost Rental Car Key

How to replace lost car keys for a rental car? When & where should you use a locksmith and how can you reduce the cost in case of an emergency rental car key replacement?
Lost U Haul key

Lost U-Haul Truck Key

In the process of moving and your U-Haul key is lost between all the boxes? It's actually not as bad as it sounds. U Haul replacement key is not that expensive and can be easily generated by a local car locksmith company.
my key wont unlock my car door

My Key Will Not Unlock My Car Door

What can you do if your car door lock stopped working? Tips & Tricks to avoid bad situation and some instructions on how to hire a professional locksmith to fix the problem.
How to program Ford key?

How to Program Ford Transponder Key

Know your Ford Keys - Find out how to program a Ford transponder key! Since 1998 ford has started using the transponder (chip) keys, also known as PATS (Passive Anti Theft System). These keys were designed to communicate with the car computer by using an antenna ring (located around the ignition lock cylinder). With a replacement key made, these keys has to be programmed in order to start the car.