yakima roof top with keys

Lost Yakima Roof Rack Key

If you're Yakima roof rack are missing, you do not have to drill out the lock. A local locksmith can provide you with a low cost replacement Yakima key.

Lost 2004/ 2005/ 2006 Lost Pontiac GTO Key Replacement

Lost Pontiac GM key? Most GM keys are both affordable and are easy to make. Some GM keys are unique and specific to certain years & models. These keys are a bit more pricey and requires a local car dealer or a locksmith in order to cut & program a replacement key. One of these keys is the 2004 - 2006 Pontiac GTO key.

Rekey Car Locks

There is more than one reason to rekey car locks. Damaged wafers inside the lock, lost key, replacement lock (After an accident), vandalism and more. How much does it cost and when should you hire a locksmith to rekey your car locks?
Lost Hyundai Key? The Lock Guyz to the rescue

Lost Hyundai Sonata Car Key

The Lock Guyz offer on-site key replacement! Our service includes key replacement (Or fob), cutting & programming. So if you've lost your Hyundai Sonata key - look no further!
Lost your Pacifica key? Call a local auto locksmith

Lost Chrysler Pacifica Car Key Replacement

Everything you need to know if you've lost your Chrysler car key (Pacifica or other Chrysler models) and need a replacement key/ remote key. The Lock Guyz offer key programming, keys cut by VIN (key code) and more. much more.
Lost Toyota Key

Lost 2014 Toyota Corolla Key

If you've lost your 2014 Toyota Corolla key and need a reliable company that can provide affordable on-site car key replacement, please contact The Lock Guyz to get a free quote.
Toyota Locksmith Phoenix

Lost 1998 - 2003 Toyota Sienna Key Replacement

How much does it cost to replace an older Toyota Sienna key? Should you go with a Toyota dealer or with a local car locksmith and why you should re-flash your Toyota ECU instead of buying a new computer.
Lost Chrysler key? Call The Lock Guyz Locksmith Phoenix

Lost Chrysler Key

Lost your Chrysler car key and need a fast, affordable & reliable on-site car key replacement? The Lock Guyz™ offers local auto locksmith for all Chrysler models (Well, all except the Crossfire).
Lost Lexus Key no Spare? Call The Lock Guyz

2009 Toyota Camry Lost Key

Lost your Toyota Camry Smart key or car key? Call The Lock Guyz™ for a free estimate on your car key replacement. We provide on-site service for all Toyota/ Lexus models. Our services includes key replacement, Smart key replacement, Key programming, Car Lockout and ECU re-flash.