Worn out car key? Local Locksmith to the rescue. Call The Lock guyz

Worn out car key can cause you many problems. Some noticeable, some hidden. How to know when is the time to get a new car key and when it’s a bit too late?

How to know when your car key is worn out?

Few months before you can see it on the surface, you can feel it, when you have to jiggle the key in the lock, when you feel the lock “click” under the pressure when you try to turn the key. All these symptoms indicates that your key is losing its accuracy and starting to worn out.

Worn out key symptoms:

  • Your ignition lock “click” when you try to turn the key.
  • You need to jiggle the key in the lock.

What can you?

When it comes to car keys, the make, year & model of your car is a very significant information! Some cars has a built in immobilizer system that is activated/deactivated with your car key. So making a copy of this key without programming it is useless.

Can you copy a worn out key?

Well… it’s a yes and no answer. Yes, you can copy that key. However, making a copy from a bad key, will only gets you so far as getting a bad copy. The only way to get a good key, is to either have a locksmith decode your key and re-cut it, or by pulling a key code (dealer/locksmith) then re-cut and program that key.

Worn out car key

Can you program your car key yourself?

Once you got a copy of your key, you can, in some cases – to program it yourself. For specific procedures based on your car make year and model, please contact a local locksmith/ dealer.

How to get a key cut by code?

If you need your car key code, you can contact a local car dealer or a local locksmith. Although you already have a working key for your car, you may still be required to provide proof of ownership and state issued ID before you can get a copy of your car key code or a copy of your car key.