Trace Audi Key

Buy an Audi key from a locksmith or from a dealer? Can a locksmith trace Audi key & make a copy?

Audi Car Key Replacement

Unlike VW keys, Audi switchblade remote keys are unique. Although they look the same, they have different part numbers. If you need a spare Audi key or a replacement key and wish to buy the remote head key, we recommend calling the local Audi dealer with your åcar VIN and get the right part number. Online car key suppliers can then match that part number to a cheaper, aftermarket unit.

For any 2005 and up models, please consult with a locksmith/ dealer prior to purchasing a key online. The programming procedures make some of the online keys a waste of money, since they cannot be synced with your car immobilizer.

We always recommend contacting a local locksmith and ask all pre-sales questions over the phone. With some cars, yes – go online and buy a key. But when it comes to Audi, buying keys online will not be always the best option. Especially if you’ve already had your key traced then copied on the new key – returning it to the seller may be impossible.

Trace Audi Key

If you already have a working key, a local locksmith can trace your key and give you the key code or create a copy of your key. This key is not programmed and can only unlock the doors right now. Want a fully functional key? Get it programmed by a car locksmith/ dealer.

Valet Key

Valet key is always a great backup to have. Therefore, we always advise our customers to have a valet key hidden at home of even attached to their key chain. A valet key contains a transponder chip that can be programmed, but does not have the remote features. However, you rather have a valet key than no key.