Lost your Rental Car Key? Call The Lock Guyz

How to replace lost car keys for a rental car? When & where should you use a locksmith and how can you reduce the cost in case of an emergency rental car  key replacement?

Lost your rental car key?

The first thing to do is to check the rental car company fee policy, or call your rental car company. In most cases, replacing a lost key through your rental car company will cost you $200 – $300.

The price does not include the delivery cost or towing to the nearest dealership.

Lost Rental Car Key? Call TheLock Guyz

Rental Car Key Replacement

What are the alternatives?

  • Insurance company – Is the rental car being insured under your car insurance (Not through the rental car company)? Check with your insurance agent for roadside service coverage.
  • Car Locksmith – A good local auto locksmith will make on site car key replacement. A good locksmith car make the replacement key based on your car VIN, causing zero damage to the rental property. In some cases, the locksmith can communicate with your rental company (Depends on their policy) and get the car key code and programming code from the rental company. If your rental car company can provide this information, this could and would actually reduce your final price.