Lexus Toyota ECU Re Flash? Call The Lock Guyz of Phoenix, AZ

Lexus & Toyota early models requires a new computer when making a replacement key. A Locksmith can reflash your Lexus computer & save you time and money!

Lexus & Toyota Early Models Computers

If you lost your Lexus car key, you may heard the bad news from the dealer “A $600 computer needs to be installed in order to make a replacement key, that does not includes labor, tax and keys and towing fees…“. Can a locksmith beat this price?

Over the years, technology gave us the tools to re-flash these computers, eliminating the need to replace them.

Mr. Ollie is a fantastic person to work with. I had an issue with my Lexus ECU and could not find anyone that could solve my problem locally. We met after hours at his house and he solved my problem within 15 minutes. I will sing his praises to everyone far and wide, if you need a locksmith give this guy a call!!! I am 100% satisfied with responsiveness, communication, ease of doing business and professionalism.

Adam W. (Read Review)

What does Reflash Lexus Computer mean?

Lexus computer (ECU) is your Engine Control Module. It controls many features, one of them is your key information. When re-flashing your computer, the locksmith is not destroying anything. In-fact, all we do is just to erase the memory from one of the chips on your ECU board, bringing it back to factory settings (Learning mode).

TOYOTA Lexus Ecu Reflash Phoenix Locksmiht Service

The process is fast and fairly affordable, and can be done on-site. Yes! We come to you, saving you the towing fee!

Lexus ECU Re flash service in Phoenix AZ

Lexus ECU Location

Different models has different design, therefore the Lexus ECU location vary between different models. In some cars it’s behind the glove box, in others – behind the instrument cluster or even under the hood sometimes. The computers comes in different sizes and often marked with a sticker as ECU or Immo Box.

In the example below, we took a computer from a Lexus GS300 (Located on the driver’s side under the hood, behind the headlight).