Program Honda Key

Can you Program Honda key by yourself? What do you need to do in order to get a key replacement programmed to your car.

Program Honda Key

In order to program a Honda key you need to contact a Honda dealer or a Honda locksmith. The Honda keys cannot be programmed on board. The good news are that most locksmiths can program most Honda keys & remotes.

Program Honda Accord key

Honda Replacement Key Programmed

One of the biggest issues consumers facing, is to find a locksmith to cut & program a replacement key or a spare key that was purchased online. We always recommend contacting a locksmith BEFORE you purchase the spare key.

Honda transponder keys goes all the way back to 1997. Some of the early models requires a new computer or to re-flash your existing one in case of lost keys. This procedure can be done by an experienced locksmith and save you money on a new ECU.

When looking for a locksmith to program Honda key, look no further! The Lock Guyz™ can assist you programming your key, or re-programming an existing key. If you recently replaced your ecu, please call us to program your key.