my key wont unlock my car door

What can you do if your car door lock stopped working? Tips & Tricks to avoid bad situation and some instructions on how to hire a professional locksmith to fix the problem.

Cold weather & your car door lock

Extreme weather conditions may cause dirty locks to stop working. The problem occurs when the dirt between the springs and the wafers soaks the water. While freezing, the ice locks the wafers in place, preventing the lock from turning.

My key will not unlock my car door, Can i use WD-40 on my door lock?

Car locks re-key

Jeep car locl

As locksmiths, we often asked if WD-40 is a good solution to lubricant locks. Well.. no. With any lock lubrication, Try and use a silicone based lubricant spray, graphite or white grease. De-icer spray for car is a great solution for your windshield. If you will use it on your locks, you may damage them permanently.

If your car key won’t unlock your car anymore, it may be due to a worn out key or a lock failure. A local car locksmith can assist you diagnose the problem and offer an affordable solution. In most cases, a fast repair can be applied, best on your car make, year and specific model.

If your key stopped working, try using some of the options listed below before calling a locksmith:

  • Use silicone based lubricant spray
  • Gently, try to ‘brush’ your key in and out, creating some heat to melt down the ice
  • DO NOT USE AN OIL BASED SPRAY! It may solve your problem for now, but will great a BIGGER problem that you will have to deal with later.
  • DO NOT TRY TO APPLY PRESSURE ON YOUR KEY! Forcing the key in the lock may cause your key to break and will cost you even more in repairs.

If nothing helped, contact a local car locksmith. Most car locksmiths offer on site service and will unlock your car door promptly. Some of them can suggest some ways to repair your lock or re-cutting your key if it is worn out.

In the Denver area, The Lock Guyz™ offer fast response time and professional car locksmith services. If your key stopped working on your car door lock, contact us for a quote.