yakima roof top with keys

If you’re Yakima roof rack are missing, you do not have to drill out the lock. A local locksmith can provide you with a low cost replacement Yakima key. 

Lost Yakima Ski/Roof Rack Key

Most Yakima roof racks (or Ski racks) has a stamped key code on them. If your key went missing you can find a local locksmith in your area that can make a new set of keys from that key code.

Locks without codes are rare (But out there..). These locks may require a little more work, but a trained locksmith will still be able to fit a new key to these locks.

Yakima Key

Lost Yakima Roof Top Key? The Lock Guyz can make you a new key at no timeLost Yakima/Thule bike rack replacement: Both Yakima and Thule are using the same key way. That mean that a Thule key can fit a Yakima lock and vice versa. Although they may look different (One has a rectangle shaped head and the other is round) they are both the same key.

Yakima key can be made easily by a local locksmith. If you’ve lost your Yakima key – contact the nearest Lock Guyz franchise and one of our specialists will make you a key on the fly!

Lost Thule/ Yakima Roof Rack Key

If your key is missing and you need a replacement – locate the nearest Lock Guyz franchise and get an affordable solution. Call (855) CAR-KEYS to get your quote.

Locksmith Phoenix

The Lock Guyz offers replacement Thule/ Yakima keys in the Phoenix area and all throughout the Phoenix metro area. We provide reliable & cost effective service. If you need an estimate, please contact our Phoenix locksmith representative to get your free estimate.