Lost Nissan Rogue Key

2012 Rogue has one of two optional systems installed. A keyless start system (Nissan Intelligent key) or the old fashioned key in ignition. The process of getting either one cut & programmed can be expensive. It will get even more expensive if you’re looking to get a replacement key and not just to add a spare.  

Lost Nissan Rogue Key

Nissan Intellikey The dealer can use a given VIN to pull your entire car information, including the exact key type (Remote key or an Intelli key). If you chose contacting a locksmith, please know that you will have to provide this information, in order for us to assist you with the best solution.

Program Nissan Key/fob/intelli key

Most Nissan obs/remotes has an on board programming procedure. The intellikey and Nissan transponder keys needs to be programmed by a dealer or an auto locksmith, using dedicated diagnostic tools.

2010 Nissan Altima

The steps to program you key includes pulling your computer code from your car, converting it into a valid pin code (4 digits programming code), then finally, programming the key using that code.

With intelli keys, there is one more step, which is releasing the steering lock before programming the fobik.

Nissan Locksmith

Most locksmiths can cut & program Nissan keys in a matter of minutes. Nissan key codes available for all Nissan cars since 1998 and all the way up to the latest models.

Lost Nissan key replacement cost

Non transponder keys can cost anywhere from $100 – $120.

Transponder keys (1999 – 2008) can cost anywhere from $145 – $175.

Transponder keys (2009 & up) can cost anywhere from $180 – $250.

Intelli keys cost anywhere from $250 – $350.

The price includes the locksmith trip charge, programming costs, key code, parts & labor and does not include taxes (when apply).

Spare Nissan key

Many websites has already discussed the high costs of losing your car keys. This is why we always recommend getting a spare key made! Spare keys (uncut keys) can be found online (Price starts at $10). It is always easier and cheaper to have a locksmith make you a spare, from more than one reason.

  • Zero trip charge fee: When you get your key online, you can bring it to the locksmith & save money on having a locksmith driving to your location.
  • Low cost key: A key from a locksmith will be always more expensive than any online store. Can’t beat the internet, that’s a fact. When you get your own key, you can save 50% or more the cost of the key.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is

The only disadvantage – rare, but worth mentioning – is getting bad keys. Some of the online keys that we got from customers were bad, and melted when we tried cutting them. Some had the wrong chip (or no chip) installed in them.

It’s not a big deal because you can always ship it back and get a new key instead, it is just the inconvenience involved in the process of waiting, driving to the locksmith, coming back home empty handed and starting it all over. With that being said, our advise to you is that if the key is too cheap, maybe double check the vendor, look for reviews from other people experience or simply don’t go with the cheapest key.