Mazda driver console

Lost Mazda key? Don’t just tow your car to the nearest dealership. There are other ways to get a replacement Mazda key. Faster, cheaper and on-site! Yes, you do not have to tow your car, we come to you and make the keys on-site. 

Understanding Mazda Key System

Lost Mazda KeyMazda, like most car manufactures, has the basic keys, the transponder (chip) keys, keyless remotes and smart keys.

Based on your Mazda year & model, we can provide you with a written estimate for a replacement Mazda car key (Please note, service is not available in all areas).

Where can I get Mazda keys made?

It’s more of “who can make Mazda keys” then where. Simply because the “Where” doesn’t matter anymore. The Lock Guyz offer mobile locksmith service that comes to you and provides on-site Mazda car key replacement.

You can get a replacement Mazda key by using a Mazda dealer or a local auto locksmith. Both can make you a replacement Mazda key, one will cost be 35%-50% cheaper of the other…

If you’re ready to get a FREE ESTIMATE you can click here, or you can call us for current pricing.

Lost Mazda Key

Supported Mazda keys:

  • Basic key (No chip)
  • Transponder Key (Chip)
  • Remotehead/ Switchblade Mazda key
  • Smart Key (Keyless fob)


Program Mazda Key

Lost only Mazda car key? Call The Lock Guyz

Lost Mazda Key

Do you need to cut or program a Mazda key? We are delighted to assist you with that. With our zero hidden fees policy, you can be certain that the price that you will hear over the phone, is the price that you will be asked to pay at time of service.

We cut and program all Mazda car keys, remotes and keyless proximity units. We welcome you to The Lock Guyz family.


Supported Mazda Years & Models

The Lock Guyz can cut & program Mazda car key from the early 1190’s and all the way to the latest models.

626, 929, B-Series, B-Series Pickup, B3000, CX3, CX5, CX7, CX9, Mazda 2 , Mazda 3, Mazda 5, Mazda 6, Mazda 6 Speed, Mazda Speed 3, Miata, Miata MX5, Millenia, MPV, MX-6, MX5, Protégé, RX7, RX8, Speed 3, Tribute