Lost your Lexus IS250 smart key and need a replacement? Trust The Lock Guyz to provide on-site lost Lexus key replacement. We can cut & program Lexus key, Hi security key and Smart Key. 

Car Locksmith

The Lock Guyz is a local car locksmith outfit that specialized in automotive locksmithing. We can assist you unlocking your Lexus, making a replacement Lexus keyRe-Flash Lexus ECU or program a Lexus Smart Key.

Lost Lexus Key

Most – if not all – Lexus keys are using the High Security blade (Sidewinder key). Some with chip, some without and some with a smart key (keyless push-to-start system). With the smart key system – the key (“insert”) is hidden in the back of the fob. One of this models is the Lexus IS 250.

Lost Lexus Key? On-site key replacement service

Incredibly fast turnaround time, took 1.5 hours from start to finish (and that’s from when I made the phone call). 25% cheaper than Lexus and at least 10-15% cheaper than other locksmiths I called.

Brent P. (Scottsdale, AZ)

Lost Lexus Key Cost

Most Lexus cars has key codes inside the car. To make a replacement Lexus key a locksmith can get a key code from Toyota database, a Lexus dealer or by reading it from the locks inside your car.

The parameters that define the final cost are:

  • Trip charge (If you wish to have service on-site) $55
  • Key code/ Labor $60
  • Parts (One or more based on your needs)
    • Hi security key without a chip $20
    • Hi security key with chip $45
    • Remote head key $140-$180
    • Smart Key $160-$200 (Insert included!)
  • Program $45 or ECU Reflash (for older models) $100

The average cot for a replacement Lexus key is $150 – $350 depends on your car requirements. We always recommend calling more than one locksmith and compare prices. Make sure that you understand the price breakdown and do not settle for the $29 locksmith.. it is normally represents the cost to send a driver out ONLY but does not reflect the final price.

The Lock Guyz can make a Lexus key replacement for the following models & years:

CT200h, ES250, ES300, ES300h, ES330, ES350, GS300, GS350, GS400, GS430, GS450h, GS470, GX460, GX470, HS250h, IS250, IS300, IS350, ISF, LS 600h L, LS400, LS430, LS460, LX450, LX460, LX470, LX570, RX300, RX330, RX350, RX400h, RX450h, SC300, SC400, SC430

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