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What is the best way to get a replacement key for a Jeep Wrangler? How far back does the Chrysler dealer keeps a record of your Jeep key code and what how can you get a Jeep Wrangler replacement key if your ignition and door key do not match? We’ve tried to answer those questions in this article. 

Lost Jeep Wrangler Key? Call The Lock Guyz

Jeep Wrangler Key

How to get a replacement key for Jeep Wrangler

Chrysler (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge) key codes available since 1991 and all the way to the latest models. If your Jeep Wrangler is 1991 – 2000, a quick visit to the nearest Chrysler dealership with your Driver License and an up to date registration or the title (Proof of ownership) can get you a new key made at no time and under $100. (If you had a metal key, or if you had a key with a black plastic cover – you do no need to program a key and this would be the cheapest option).

Lost Jeep Wrangler Key

If you need a transponder key made (Grey key), you’ve got few options:

  • Towing your Jeep Wrangler to a local Chrysler dealership in order to get a replacement key cut & program.
  • Use a local car locksmith near you to get the same replacement key service done on site.

Why using a car locksmith is better?

  1. No towing required! A mobile auto locksmith carry all the equipment in his service van and comes to you! 
  2. Affordable rates!!! Most locksmiths provides competitive rates (sometimes even up to 50% off what the dealer will quote you).
  3. No Bias policy. Yes, Locksmiths need your business and don’t put you on a waiting list. So.. no popcorn and free TV, but no waiting as well. A quick & affordable service to get your Jeep Wrangler replacement keys in no time. In most cases, our Phoenix Locksmiths will get you back on the road within one hour or less.

Lost my Jeep Key – What information Do I need to Provide?

No matter what route you chose, you have to provide proof of ownership and state issued ID in order to get a replacement key for your Jeep Wrangler

Acceptable documents are:

  • Passport
  • State issued Driver License
  • Vehicle registration (up to date) or title with the owner name on it
  • Dealer bill of sale with matching temp tag attached to the car

Decided to get a replacement key for your car? Great! Call now and speak to a local Phoenix car locksmith to schedule your appointment. If you’re resides outside of our service area – call us and we will help you find a reputable local car locksmith near you.