Lost Chevy Volt Key in Phoenix

Lost Chevy Volt key replacement service available in Phoenix, AZ to all Chevy car owners who needs a spare key or lost then and only Volt key. The Lock Guyz offers on-site cost effective Chevy Volt car key replacement. 

Chevy Volt key - locksmith phoenix shopLost Chevy Volt Key

If your Chevy Volt key is lost or stolen, we invite you to contact The Lock Guyz and get on-site a cost effective car key replacement.

The main 2 reasons that customers are requesting a new key is due to a lost/ stolen Chevy key or if your Chevy Volt key stopped working.

Mobile Car Locksmith Vs. Chevy Dealer

Yes! A local car locksmith can and will provide you with a Chevy Volt key replacement, as long as you will show proof of ownership for your vehicle. Most local Phoenix Locksmiths can help you get a replacement Chevy key, with no problem.

Our service is very similar to the service you will get at your local Chevy dealership, but without the towing, the downtime and the free popcorn. Oh… and probably without the extra fees :)

Lost Chevy Volt Key? Call The Lock Guyz Phoenix

Chevy Volt won’t Start

In many cases, your Chevy Volt Key will work great until one day your car just won’t start. Is it the key? Maybe.

However, many times your car will not start. This has nothing to do with your key, but because of your Chevy Volt Car Battery.

If your key worked fine and your battery is about 5 years or older, it may be a good time to take your car to Chevrolet and check your car battery.

9 out of 10 times, replacing your car battery will solve that issue! No new key required.

Program Chevy Volt Key Fob

For a key copy, insert your original key and turn the ignition switch to the ON position for 5 seconds.

Then, insert the new key and turn the ignition to ON position again for 5 more seconds. The yellow security light indicator will go out, as the new key is now programmed to the car.

All keys lost?

The first step in programming a replacement Chevy Volt key is obtaining a pin code. A pin code can be retrieved from either a Chevy dealer or by scanning car memory.

Chevy Volt Pin Code in The Phoenix Open tournament parking lot

In other words, A local Phoenix Locksmith can cut & program a replacement Chevy Volt key if all keys are lost.

It’s up to you to make a choice – would you rather tow your car to the dealership or put your trust in a mobile locksmith?

Click here & get a free quote for your Chevy car key replacement.