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Lost Chevrolet Car Key

Did you lose your Chevrolet car key? Don’t worry. The Lock Guyz can assist you in getting a replacement Chevy key to your vehicle.

Lost Chevy Sonic Key

How to get a replacement Chevy key

  • Make key from the VIN (key code)
  • Copy an existing key
  • Make a key from one of the locks (Locksmith)

The main difference between a Chevrolet dealer and a mobile auto locksmith, is that a locksmith drive to you and provide on-site service, while a dealer offers classic auto service facility that requires you to tow the car (in most cases) in order to get a replacement Chevy car key made.

How much does a replacement Chevrolet key cost

It’s hard to put a set price on a Chevy key, since there are so many different keys. The final price will be determined by your Chevy year & model and your location. However, other factors can contribute to the final cost as well.

  • Does your Chevy key needs to be programmed?
  • Do you need a keyless fob or a keyed ignition?
  • Did you (or the previous owner) replace the ignition or one of the locks?

Hence, it’s hard to put a specific price that will cover all Chevy keys, but we can safely divide them to 5 groups: Vat keys, Basic keys (no chip), transponder keys (Chip), Keyless fobs, Hi-security keys and remote head keys (switchblade keys).

Also, the cost for key codes (when required), programming fee etc can affect your price.

Average transponder Chevy key sold for $160 – $175 when using a mobile locksmith. To get the exact price, please provide the locksmith with all of the available information.

Lost Chevrolet car key? Call The Experts! Call The Lock Guyz

How to Program Chevy Key

If you got a key made from the car VIN, you will still need to program it to the car.

This procedure works on MOST Chevrolet cars.

  1. Insert the key and turn to ON position for 10 minutes
  2. Turn the key to the OFF position and immediately back ON for 10 minutes
  3. Turn the key to the OFF position and immediately back ON for 10 minutes
  4. Remove the key
  5. Insert the key and start the car
  • During this procedure, please lease verify that your car battery voltage is over 10 Volts.
  • Also, make sure that between each cycle you do not remove the key.
  • Between each cycle don’t wait more than 30 seconds.

If this procedure fails please contact a local car locksmith to assist you programming the key. A locksmith can use approved diagnostic tools to sync your key to your GM car.

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