Lost your car key in the snow? Call The Lock Guyz

Lost car keys in snow? The winter is coming, bringing the snow with it. We’ve seen it happen before, when customers called us and can point out the exact spot where they dropped the keys in the snow, but the keys are nowhere to be found. What are your options?

Lost car keys in snow

The snow, the cold snow, is very tricky. Once you dropped your keys inside and started digging, you may have touched your keys but didn’t even feel it because your fingers got numb real fast! It doesn’t matter if you dropped them outside of your house or in a snow pile next to a gas pump, most chances that your keys are now lost forever.

Get a replacement car key

Lost keys in the snowThe Lock Guyz™ offer fast & affordable car key replacement service at your location. We come to you and make new car key to your vehicle based on the car VIN. Fast key replacement at a very affordable price. We save you the towing fee and valuable time when we send a service truck to you. We make car keys for most cars: classic cars, older non transponder keys, transponder chipped keys, GM vat keys, hi security (laser cut/ switchblade keys) and hi end keyless fobs.

How to find keys in snow

Few tips to help you find your keys if you dropped them in the snow:

  • Metal detector (Seriously)
  • Don’t dig up in the snow. Simply mark the place and use your spare key while waiting for the snow to melt down.