What should you do if your Scion iA smart key is lost or damaged? Did you know that you can call a local auto locksmith and have a replacement key made on-site? 

Most Scion uses keyed ignition. Early models use the Toyota keyway. Some has a chip in the key, some even use a remote head key. However, the 2016 Scion iA is using the Mazda smart key system.


Lost Scion Key Locksmith

Your 2016 Scion iA can store up to 6 keys. If all keys lost, a replacement key can be made. However, if the key count is already at 6 keys, a full reset needs to be made (Immobilizer reset). After the reset, 2 keys must be programmed in order to close the programming cycle.

How much does a replacement Scion key cost

In case your car requires 2 keys, the final price can be affected. Remember that the locksmith cannot know if your car has maximum keys stored already and the price can be changed if 2 keys required.

Lost Scion Key

2016 Scion iA lost key replacement

Scion keys can be easily made by a local auto locksmith in your area. If you’re located in Phoenix, AZPhoenix Locksmith area and looking for a local contact, please us or give us a call at 623.850.8383. We currently do not provide service in any other states. If you are outside of Phoenix, please click here to view other options to get a replacement key made.

“Can I buy Scion key online?”

Like almost anything else, Scion keys can be purchased online on many websites. The question is not if you can find Scion keys online, but where is the place to buy keys on the internet.