how to get a replacement car key

How to get a replacement key for a car? What is the cheapest and most effective way to get a replacement key for car? A locksmith? Car dealer? Online? When and where to use each one.

How to get a replacement key for a car

Based on your car make, year, model and your current situation (lost/stolen key or a spare key), the answer may vary. We’ve tried to provide below different answers for different scenarios. Please read and carefully select the best answer for your needs.

Ford Focus Car Key Replacement? Call The Lock Guyz

What are your options

If your car was manufactured after 1998, it probably has an immobilizer system installed and you will need to get a chipped key cut & programmed to your car. If this is the case, a car locksmith may be your cheapest way (unless you are a roadside service member and eligible for free towing to the dealership or reduce rate for onsite key replacement).

Car Locksmith

A car locksmith will provide on site key cutting & programming service. Based on your car make, year & model, the price may vary. ALWAYS ask for the TOTAL cost before allowing the locksmith start working on your vehicle. The difference in price between different locksmith companies can be as high as 800% (Seriously!!).

The Dealer

The dealership is a great place to shop for car keys. Professional service, OEM parts and dealer warranty. The only disadvantage that may be is the higher costs due to towing fees, OEM parts and the lost time because you have to get the car serviced at the dealership instead of having a locksmith show up at your place.

Online Keys

If you already have a working car key and at this point simply looking for a spare, give the internet a fair choice. Amazon, iKeyless or Keylessride are pretty awesome websites when you need car key replacement. These websites (and others) offer High quality, fast shipping and affordable rates. You still have to find a locksmith to cut & program your car key, but in most cases you’re looking at 50% – 75% savings when you get a spare key ahead of time than paying the full cost of a key replacement.