Locked keys in Trunk

How to get keys out of locked trunk? There’s nothing more frustrating than locking your keys in the car. Or is it? Here’s few tips that may help you in case your keys locked in trunk.


Like any other case of locked keys, a locksmith is your first stop in order to get your car unlocked. But once the car is open, how will you retrieve your keys from the trunk?

Keys locked in trunk? Trunk Release Button

Yes, it’s a basic step, but had to be listed. Pull or Push (Depends on your car model) the lever or the trunk release button. In most cases, that’s all you needed to do in order to get your keys out from the trunk. However, some cars security systems will disable this button once the alarm went off. So, what CAN you still do?

GM Trunk Release

In older GM models, the trunk release button located behind the glove box. You can either make a key to the car (Locksmith/Dealer), turn the ignition to the ON position, then push the button, or pull the button out and connect the two wires that goes into the button to an external 12 volt power source. This will unlock your trunk.

Nissan/ Infiniti with Intelli key system – Trunk Release

Make an emergency key (Locksmith/ Dealer), about $25-$40. Use it to unlock the driver door manually – this should disable the alarm. Now push on the trunk release button and get your keys back.


Disconnect the battery, then have a friend push on the trunk release button (Keep it pressed in). While the button is pushed in, reconnect the battery and the trunk will pop up, second before the alarm triggered.


Keys locked in trunk? Remove the ski bag (Center console) and use a flashlight and a long reach tool to get to your keys. Gently pull the keys back and unlock the trunk.



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