Fix Honda Key

If your Honda key case (Key shell) is cracked, damaged or completely broken, an easy & affordable repair can save you money if you will act quickly!

The first thing to do, is to read and follow our DON’T list:

  • Honda Key Code serviceDo not use any type of glue! This will cause your buttons to get locked in specific position and will eventually cause your remote to stop working properly.
  • Do not try to open the case/ key shell yourself. Some Honda keys has a small hidden slot that is in use for the car key chip. You can by accident lose it or damage it while trying to remove it yourself.
  • Don’t get rid of the old shell! Again – some Honda keys has a hidden slot that is in use for the car chip. Let the locksmith figure it out, this is what you’re paying him for.
  • Do not lose your key! If your Honda Key Shell is broken, make sure to keep all the pieces. Don’t lose them as the price will increase dramatically if your key is lost.

We can fix your Broken Honda Key
How to get a replacement Honda Key Shell?

  1. You can buy a new Honda key shell online (Average cost is $8 – $15), some places will also offer free shipping.
  2. With your new Honda Key Shell – Find a local locksmith that can cut this type of key.
  3. Some Honda Keys are hard to trace due to the fact that they wore out. A key code can be purchased by a locksmith or can be found inside your car. Even if your key is traceable, we always recommend using a Honda key code to ensure that the key will work smoothly.
  4. Let the locksmith transfer the electronics and the chip from the old shell to the new key case.
  5. Drive safe!

How to fix a broken Honda Key Case